My dad, a Marine and Vietnam veteran who lives in our neighborhood, just told me about a Lake Highlands HOA harassing a condominium owner, also a Marine, for patriotic bumper stickers on his car. “No way, I thought. Any fool knows better than to mess with a disabled war veteran. There must be more to it.” 
But there actually isn’t, according to the DMN column by James Ragland: Disabled military vet Frank Larison’s HOA at Woodlands II is threatening to tow his car if he doesn’t hide the decals. According to the story, “about five months ago, Larison adorned the rear window of his black Chevy HHR with several decals, the largest of which is the eagle, globe and anchor, the official emblem of the U.S. Marine Corps. There’s also a diamond-shaped 1st Marine Aircraft Wing insignia and two other small window decals. He’s also got one sticker on his bumper that reads: "OORAH! It’s a Marine Thing."

Oh no, I bet this has got my dad’s blood boiling. Larison told Ragland he would stand his ground and didn’t plan to remove or hide the stickers. Semper Fi, my neighbor. I have a feeling that once this all pans out, the HOA president and board of directors will be the ones wanting to hide.