Lake Highlands’ football team will have 11 captains next year, one more than usual, to include someone who won’t be able to play. That’s Dewayne Chandler, who suffered a spinal cord injury last year. Still, in the eyes of coach Scott Smith, “he has all the characteristics of being a captain, and the scenario was present.”

Chandler can’t believe he was made a captain. “I’m excited,” he said. "I wasn’t expecting it, but when I got it, it was an indescribable feeling. I want to thank the football team and Coach Smith for letting me be a part of this team.”

There are a surprising number of captains who will be juniors next year — four instead of the usual two. They are Scoot Hanks, Mitch Marzuola, Desmond Roland, and Tre Stewart. The senior captains are Ricky Zorn and Chui Kaping, who return from last year, and Detarius Birmingham, Jeremy Bracken, Donald Myers, Kurt Stadelmann, and Chandler Smith.

Players and coaches vote for the captains. “It’s a great honor to serve as a captain,” said Kaping. “The feeling of respect that you gain from your teammates is beyond words.”