This week, the Lake Highlands High School men’s soccer team was treated to an end-of-year banquet, with special guest Corby Davidson as the guest speaker. Corby – aka The Cobra – is well-known as on-air sports radio personality and co-host of The Hardline on The Ticket 1310 am. He spoke directly to the boys about their season, congratulated them for making it to the playoffs, and educated the seniors about life after high school. He warned them about gaining the Freshman 15 after years of running at soccer practice every day come to an end. He told them they should join a coed soccer league on campus but to remember – the only thing worse than thinking you’re cool for dribbling the ball past a girl is letting her dribble the ball past you.

Corby showed that he was finally finished wearing his protective boot, made necessary by his injury playing basketball against the Lake Highlands Thunder girls’ team. Corby spent some time on the air before the banquet asking his cohorts in the studio what he should say in his speech. They didn’t give him much usable advice, but they did tell him his shirt was stupid (see the photo and judge for yourself).

Turnabout is fair play, so at the banquet Corby picked on senior Nick Parkin from the podium. When he saw in the program that Nick said his fantasy dinner would include Corby and Italian food, he told Nick the poor kid had peaked too early in life. In addition to the lively banter and enjoyable program, team members and their parents watched videos from the season’s games and thanked Coaches Hanes Brindley and Spencer Moorehead for their years of dedication.

Brindley announced all-district individual honors, including: sophomore Emmet Kumeh Defensive Player of the Year, freshman Reagan Dunk first team all district defender, junior Chris Nieto first team midfielder, junior Chase Davis second team defender, freshman Murphy Short second team midfielder, junior Ben Toler honorable mention midfielder, and Stephen Holick honorable mention goalkeeper. Team awards went to Defensive MVP Kumeh, Offensive MVP Nieto, and Team MVP Holick. Holick was also given the Robbie Daniels Award, formerly called the 110% Award, named in memory of a boy who played for the team and won the award. Robbie’s older brother, Matt, was there to present the award and to remind the boys of the value of hard work and sacrifice for the team.