Three times in as many nights I’m finding myself surrounded by architects. (Full disclosure: I am one, so it kind of makes sense. Kind of.)

On Wednesday, I met some friends and colleagues at Veritas for a wine mixer to support a local school. One of the owners of Veritas donated a percentage of the profits from that night to a local non-profit. On the way, driving on Henderson from Central, I got hung-up behind a left-hand-turner at that pinch-point near Cuba Libre, where Henderson goes from two lanes to one. The Jeep behind me passed me on the right, driving in the shoulder, and I thought unkind thoughts about the driver. Luckily I didn’t make an untoward hand gesture at him, as is my hot-head habit; later I found myself talking to the driver for most of the night. It turned out that he was a friend of a friend, a fellow architect there to support the non-profit.

On Thursday, my partner and I went to the opening reception for Retrospect at LaDuni in NorthPark. Retrospect is an annual opportunity for Dallas architects to put their best foot forward, exhibiting their recent projects to the public. Over the years it has become more and more about the means of exhibition instead of the architects’ projects. This year, it seems like there was a coordinated effort to display a sculptural form with the most oblique of references to architectural projects. For example, two forms were made to resemble the cardboard tubes that hold rolls of plotter paper.

As for the reception, mojitos and micro-burger appetizers drifted by on silver platters, and architects in black – always in black, architects are ALWAYS in black – laughed and talked in the cool, breezy air of the central courtyard. It was a beautiful evening.

And tonight I’m going to a fajita party at the home of one of my firm’s partners. His house is a wonderful example of mid-century modern design overlooking a creek near Valley View Park and the Northwood Country Club. It’s always a treat to go his house because he has an eclectic taste in art and he is one of the nicest, most unassuming bosses.

So, I’m having architect-overload lately. I suppose there are worse things. Not many, but I’m sure there are.