So what’s the reaction to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report that the Trinity Rivers aren’t safe? Most of it is predictable, including former Mayor Ron Kirk’s diatribe against the Corps, which made him sound like a small boy whose parents told him he couldn’t stay up to watch television.

The big news, though, came in a report Sunday. That’s when U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, who has been carrying the city’s water in Washington (sorry – couldn’t help myself) said: “But I think this thing will cause a slowdown. It’s going to allow us to bring some new concentration to bear. We can ask, ‘What’s wise? What are all the pitfalls [with the plan as envisioned]? If there are pitfalls, what will they be? And how serious?’ “

That should, for all practical purposes and regardless of what Mayor Park Cities says or wants, kill the toll road. Really. Johnson controls the federal purse strings in the House on this thing, and if she has doubts, there will be no additional federal money.

After the jump, what everyone said — and a video treat:

The Kirk quote: “It’s still important that we stay with it. We know that big public-works projects that are multidisciplinary, that involve water, levees and stuff, just take time.” Is multidisciplinary like multi-tasking?

• Far North Dallas councilman Ron Natinsky: “Obviously, Katrina did happen. And now what they are attempting to do is make us super-duper safe. But the question is how safe do we want to be? Well, we want to be as safe as we need to be." I’ll assume he was misquoted.

• Our very own Sandy Greyson, the former city councilwoman who writes a column for us in Far North Dallas: “The bond package back in 1998 was sold as, first and foremost, a flood-control project. And that’s where our focus should be now."

• And no roundup would be complete without a quote from Steve Blow of Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper: “… I never took Leppert’s campaign statements to mean this project is a done deal. In fact, it would have been preposterous to interpret his words that way.” You have to admire the man’s consistency.

The video is Bob Dylan singing “High Water (For Charley Patton),” live at Niagara Falls last October (courtesy of dagb1973 at YouTube). It’s Dylan’s version of the Delta bluesman’s Patton take on the 1927 flood that devastated Louisiana, caused by faulty levees or somesuch.