Come out and watch this weekend’s Powder Puff Football game, in which Lake Highlands girls show off their athletic ability in an effort to raise funds for senior class activities. Powder Puff Football is a tradition at LHHS, and the teams have been plotting their strategies all year.

Games begin Saturday at 5:30 p.m. on the LHHS “B”Field (9449 Church Road behind the tennis courts), with freshman girls playing the sophomore team and juniors facing the seniors. Girls play the game with coaching from a few of the boys, while other guys take on the role of cheerleader. Senior boys will also be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers to sell and serve.

Funds raised from t-shirt sales, concessions, and donations will be used to pay for end-of-the-year activities, including the Senior All Night Party, also a tradition at LH. This event, now copied by high schools all over Texas, is an all-inclusive event designed to keep seniors safe after graduation ceremonies. Instead of small, exclusive parties where some kids are left out or expensive functions at hotel ballrooms or house parties with alcoholic trash can punch, seniors check in at midnight to the rented-out and parent-supervised Main Event entertainment facility and depart at dawn. It’s great to see all student groups come together that night, with everyone from the math nerd to the Homecoming Queen playing games, singing karaoke, and remembering good times together.

Senior class president, Lauren Barry, principal planner for the event, told me Carly Dunklin, Avery Atkins, and Lauren Strubeck are the athletes to watch on the senior squad, and Caroline Keffer, Caroline Henton, and Elly Collett are strong players for the juniors. Young Life leaders will be coming out to cheer all the kids, as will teachers, school staff members, and parents. The entire community is invited.