UPDATE: Watch video after the jump. 

Actually the game was super close right up until the fourth quarter when the Lake Highlands Thunder were able to take advantage of the old guys’ increasing fatigue. Early in the game, announcer Gordon Keith declared, "I think the girls are astonished by the athleticism of these broadcasters". And he was right. But in the end the girls, led by captain Hannah Wedding and Coach Samantha Couch, really kicked bootie—Jani Jones led LH scoring with an impressive 20 points.

I shot some video of the game and I plan to piece some of that together and post it for you by Monday, as the story isn’t even worth tellin’ without the amazing visuals.

Did I mention one of the guys, LH resident Corby Davidson ended up in the emergency room? Yeah, he decided it would be a good idea to wear running shoes as opposed to basketball shoes. More to come!