The first week of spring seems like an odd time to watch football, but the Lake Highlands Wildcats begin 7 on 7 games this week, in a tournament which kicks off the spring season. This 7 v 7 game is a little different with only certain players participating – mainly quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers on the offense and linebackers, corners, and safetys on the other side. LH will play some local teams here and occasionally travel to play in tournaments, in hopes of making it to the national competition in San Antonio.

Leading the Wildcats will be junior quarterback, Ricky Zorn, ably assisted by James Duke, Matt Werther, Desmond Roland, Anthony Harris, Roderick Mackey, Jason Dann, and others. “We’ll be playing throughout the summer,” Ricky told me, “and usually only the parents come out to watch. We’re hoping our friends will show up to cheer us on.”

Wildcat fans can watch games at the Boneyard over the next four Wednesdays: March 25, April 1, April 8, and April 15. Games start at 6 and 6:50 pm, and this week’s opponents will be JJ Pearce and Jesuit.