Recently I was asked why I do not have a website. Well, I do, and I don’t.
I don’t have an independent campaign website that I use as a fundraising tool. But I do have my own web page on the city’s website at, as well as an extensive e-mail list I use to communicate with residents in District 10. 
Most web designers will tell you that a good website is informative and easy to navigate. I believe the city’s Web site and my web page provide a wide range of information about our city and District 10. This website is indeed a great tool for residents and corporate citizens alike to locate city services and learn all about how our great city works. 
Let’s say you have a question about your water bill, or you are just curious how many gallons of water Dallas treats and provides a year (170 billion gallons). Maybe you have decided to get in shape and were wondering what programs the local recreation center offers. All you have to do is go to the website to find the answers.
Perhaps you lost your birth certificate and need to get a replacement, or you have decided to have a garage sale and were wondering if you need a permit, or maybe you want to check the hours for the Arboretum. Again, all you have to do is go to the website to get the answers.
Let’s say you can’t sleep at night and you want to read all 23 briefings that your council has received regarding the Convention Center Hotel. Just pour some warm milk, go to the website, start reading, and wait for the sand man.
I think you’re starting to get the picture that everything you need to know about living in Dallas is available at this website. You see, my website is really your website:
This website is a valuable resource and definitively needs to be on your favorites list. The site lists all the ways to reach my office, just in case you need that little extra help. My website might not be all about Jerry Allen, but it is all about the City of Dallas and a whole lot more.
Happy surfing!
(Also, when you are at, be sure to read just how green Dallas is. It will make you proud.)