Last week, the guys on The Ticket radio station (1310 AM) announced on-air that they would be playing the Lake Highlands girls varsity basketball team in a charity game; Back Talk had this blog post about the proposed game.

This week, they’ll be announcing that the game has been cancelled after LHHS principal Walter Kelly, girls’ basketball coach Holly Mulligan and LHHS athletic director Scott Smith collectively decided to make sure "our team does not associate itself with anything that could be a detriment to their hard work and the players as positive role models in the community."

The decision was announced in a letter (you can read it by clicking on the pdf here) to the basketball players and their families. The letter indicates that after "it was brought to our attention through some community members that the content on ‘The Ticket’ is not always consistent with the level of decorum and the high standards of behavior that Lake Highlands Athletics upholds", the trio cancelled the game.

Like every all-sports station, I understand that the Ticket boys become a little animinated — and anatomical — from time to time. But if you’re a regular Ticket listener (I’m not), you know way more about the station and its personalities than I do, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the decision to cancel the game was correct.

Like Carol Toler’s recent discussion about the condom display at NorthPark, however, I suspect there will be some differences of opinion.