If you want to read an editorial favoring, sort of, the taxpayer-owned convention center hotel, check out this Dallas News commentary. The News endorses the hotel as a "relatively good investment" — although there’s no explanation of what "relatively" means in this case (compared to, say, burying the cash in the Trinity park, for example?).

And the editorial says the "relatively good investment" will remain so "as long as the city continues to make smart financial decisions and does not succumb to political pressure." 

Now that’s a mouthful, and it’s an unlikely way to envision the future, too. After all, the convention center hotel is all about politics, and politics tends to involve "political pressure" on a pretty regular basis. If this $550 million "relatively good investment" relies on smart, non-political decisionmaking from the city council for the next five years or so, how good do you feel about it now?