Shattered windshields are a nuisance.

Windshield vandalism has become a regular occurrence in Tim and Barbara Tumlinson’s neighborhood, and they unfortunately have been hit twice in the last year.

“We think it was a BB or pellet gun. It’s frustrating,” Barbara Tumlinson says. “It makes a big mess because the glass just shatters everywhere.”

On the morning of Feb. 15, the couple noticed that the front glass of their 1994 Chevrolet van had been shot out. Last summer, the couple also had their windshield shot. Tumlinson says the house is located on a corner lot, making it easy for would-be vandals to find their target.

“It happened once before, and there were seven or eight other cars’ windshields shot out,” Barbara says. “There have been several instances in our neighborhood where windshields have been shot.”

Dallas Police Sr. Cpl. Tracy Glenn of the Northeast Police Division says there have been a number of similar offenses in the area since late January. Most have been around the streets crossing Jupiter between Northwest Highway and Garland Road. There have been no arrests in the cases, but investigators have two suspect vehicle descriptions.

“One witness reported a dark SUV was speeding away, and the other stated a white Dodge PK was seen,” Glenn says. “I assume this is the work of high school-aged kids that most likely live in the area.”

The best form of prevention is to park vehicles in a garage if possible, Glenn says, or to back vehicles into a driveway.

“Back the vehicle into the drive because the front windshield will likely deflect the BB (or other projectile) because they are not tempered glass like the rear and side windows. Tempered glass is safety glass that shatters into small pieces for safety,” he says. “The suspects seem to know that the rear windshield gives the most mischievous result, and therefore they seem to mostly target those.”

Police ask witnesses to get the best physical descriptions possible of suspects and vehicles used, as well as license plate numbers. Those with information on the crimes are asked to contact Dallas Police.