When we heard the sirens go off last night about 9:30 p.m, Terry and I both jumped up to, what else, go to the window and look out!

We were monitoring the movement of the storm on TV and felt pretty sure it was going to pass over in a relatively short time, and didn’t feel too threatened by a tornado.

But those sirens do play tricks with your head. El came bursting out of her room and we assured her we were fine. To ease her anxiety, she and I cleared out the hallway closet. It’s in the center of the house and has the trap door leading under the house – it’s our "emergency exit." We put the dog’s bed in the closet (certainly one of the most important emergency items!), bottled water and flashlights, leaving enough room for three humans, a dog and a bird cage. Fortunately, we didn’t need it.

After the jump, what it looked like in the morning:
This morning, however, it was obvious the outside world rocked and rolled in the wind. I found stuff from our deck, which is on the front side of our house, way down in the back yard garden, and lots of deck accouterments blown about.

Found our neighbor’s front porch chair pillows in my front yard and LHE signs blown over. No branch damage, mercifully.

But other neighbors weren’t so lucky. This picture that my neighbor Casey took is a house near hers on Crestlake. Not only was the tree uprooted, it hit the corner of the house and pulled up the shingles.