Mmmmm. Does it get any better than bite-sized balls of velvety cake covered in rich sugary frosting? (I’ve never had such a thing but it sounds heavenly.) This morning I noticed a sign proclaiming that The Cake Ball Company is coming to a neighborhood storefront soon. The future Cake Ball home is at the southeast corner of Northwest Highway and Easton, in the Little Caesars strip center, across from Tony’s Pizza and Subway (just east of a nasty stretch of road construction, but that’s another story.)

When I arrived at the Advocate offices today and mentioned the cake ball thing, I learned we’d published a story — before my time — about the cake ball creator, Robin Ankeny, a longtime resident of the Lochwood area. (Apparently, the editors had a little difficulty contriving a headline for the ‘cake ball’ story that didn’t sound inappropriate, you know, like a 12-year-old boy came up with it…). Anyway, you can read more about your neighborhood cake ball maker here — and I’ll put a call in to her to find out more about future plans.