Aldi comes to Lake Highlands

Aldi, a German-owned no-frills grocery chain will open a store in the Lake Highlands area, at Forest and Audelia in the former Albertson’s spot, according to a piece in the Morning News’ business section today. I think you might need to grab the paper to see the entire list that includes the corporation’s 20-plus new Dallas-Fort Worth area locations. I don’t see it in the web version of the story.

Thanks to Back Talk reader M.G. Visser for the tip. As the reader notes, the location isn’t in the proudest section of our neighborhood at the moment,  but in this economic climate —well, I’ll speak for myself — I welcome a nearby spot where I can stretch my cash. Let’s just hope they do a better job of keeping things tidy than our soon-to-be-closing Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, and that it is less of a hassle than going to the big box store. From the looks of it, Aldi operates limited-assortment discount stores about the size of your average Walgreens. 

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