There may not be a prouder lot than true Texans. Seriously, which other state claims to have God’s football team? And admit it, you know someone who is really just like Budweiser’s Mr. Way-Too-Proud-of-Texas Guy.

If you’re one of those diehard boot-scootin’, longhorn-lovin’ Texans, then you’ll be all about the newest promotion at Half Price Books. That’s because it raises money to help the Lone Star State.

When you buy one of the bookstore’s reusable tote bags (which are less than a buck each, and come with witty little ‘notice-me’ catchphrases) 10 cents of that sale will go towards replacing the trees that were destroyed by Hurricane Ike.

The good folks at Half Price Books have already agreed to donate $15,000 to the cause—but Hurricane Ike affected 29 Texas counties, so the more help, the better. Besides, when you buy one of these eco-friendly totes you’ll also be helping Mother Nature…not that I’m claiming the rest of the world matters more than Texas, but it’s definitely an added bonus.