An observant blog visitor emailed to ask if there was something going on with the Village View Apartments at Skillman and Fisher in back of Medallion Center. He said it looked like there were fewer tenants.

In fact, said the complex’s manager, the site’s owner is considering some sort of redevelopment. No decision has been made, but the property isn’t leasing to new tenants. I left a message for Premier Property Management in Irving, which runs the complex. The majority owner is a limited partnership in California. If I hear anything, I’ll update this.

The land is zoned multi-family, and it looks like it allows for townhouse development. Redevelopment would seem to be an odd thing to do in this real estate market, given the sub-prime mess and lenders’ reluctance to finance deals.

And why that location? Is Lincoln Property, which owns The Village across the street, eyeing the property? Or do the owners have some insight into future development in the area tied to the proposed Lake Highlands Town Center?