A respected blogger who doesn’t live in this part of the city has written very positive things about the need for a taxpayer-subsidized hotel as part of the Dallas Convention Center. Says Shawn Williams at Dallas South: "The only thing to debate about a proposed convention center hotel is why it has taken so long for the city to formulate a plan."

Wamre, who is our expert on these things since he is on the convention board, noted earlier this month that the hotel needs a subsidy, since there is almost no way that it can pay for itself. Still, it’s very high on Mayor Park Cities’ list of important things to do.

In addition, there is the usual amount of Dallas political and real estate skullduggery associated with this deal.  My instinct is that it will be built, though the fight to get it it built will be messy, and that many of the people who were buddies during the Trinity election will be slinging mud and calling each other names.

And we’re going to end up paying for it.