If you’ve been walking the halls of Lake Highlands High School lately, you may have wondered about the signs next to each classroom door, listing the college affiliation for each teacher and staff member. The project is the brainchild of Corrie Myers, a reading instructor.

“College awareness is an integral part of supporting these students,” Myers told me. “Whether their parents have multiple degrees or they are from a family in which the parents did not attend college, it benefits them to look to the future and begin planning now.”

Myers also teaches Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, a national program designed to help students typically underrepresented at universities and ease them into more rigorous college prep curriculum. Myers teamed with teacher Amy Lowe to have their students gather information from faculty about alma maters and degrees earned.

As students, parents, and prospective families tour school, they get a sense of the importance LHHS places on a college education. Students even wear T-shirts from rival schools to raise a stir with teachers loyal to their alma mater. I figure whatever gets their college juices flowing is worth the cost of printing the signs.