Lake Highlands Women’s League hosted a home tour on Friday, and they raised record totals to give away in college scholarships and community projects. For the first time ever, scholarships alone may top $100,000. Awesome. On tour day, I noticed a phenomenon with benefits equally important to the neighborhood – lots of young moms touring the homes and shopping at the market.

"I love to see the houses that have been redone," said Stephanie Logan, who has children aged four and one and is new to LH. Erin Foley agreed. Her children are four and two. The Logans and the Foleys represent many new families drawn to our strong schools, lovely homes, stately trees, and location inside the LBJ loop.

And it’s not just tour-goers who are young. Two of the four homes are owned by families with new babies. "I especially enjoyed the houses with young families," said longtime LH resident Beth Dunham on tour day. "Both houses looked so polished, as if they’d been collecting for many years."

The key to keeping LH strong lies in replenishing the neighborhood with cute young families willing to support our schools with their time and their talents. Sure, our outstanding seniors head off to Yale and Duke and Stanford and all points in between, but it’s the new kids in the pipeline (and their volunteering mommies) who’ll keep our real estate agents hopping for years to come.