Cops are enjoying a sunny day at the lake, ticketing cyclists (and cars of course) who ignore or roll through stop signs, according to a report on the DMN Crime blog. A good practice, no doubt — let’s keep everyone safe out there.

But is the following commentary really necessary?:

The officer quoted in the post says, "No one can get along here. Cars hate cyclists; cyclists hate the walkers, and walkers hate the cyclists."

Talk about a Dark Cloud on a bright day. I’m sure the comment was in jest but come on, officer — we need to be fostering better feelings amongst the users of the lake, don’t we?

Don’t get me wrong, I actually think the police are on the right track —we need to raise awareness about rules and etiquette around the lake and encourage folks to follow it (if that means writing tickets, so be it). But being nasty to each other won’t get anything accomplished and it certainly won’t bring order to an increasingly crowded public park. Are there a lot of neighbors who share Officer Giron’s jaded point of view? If so, there is something seriously wrong out there.