The LHCG is rockin’ and rollin’, all plots taking on an autumn air, soil churned up, gardeners planting seeds for the fall, compost bins filling. (I have it on good authority that there’s a church group in the ‘hood starting up a Community Garden. Shh. On the QT – keep you posted).

This is really selfish of me but oh well, I can live with it. As I am the unofficial LHCG ‘poster’, I’m going to toot my own green thumb this time. I dug up one of my peanut plants – and THERE’S ACTUALLY PEANUTS ON IT! I’m so pumped and I just had to share it ‘cause in a million years I never thought I’d be a peanut grower in Dallas, Texas. But there they are baby! PEANUTS!

And that concludes this update of the LHCG – the cool Peanuts of Pairadise. Thanks for your understanding at my peanut pride. More to come (once I figure out how to dry them and ready them for popping into the mouths of fellow LHCG gardeners), you betcha.