Both my children started school this morning and by Monday, as far as I know, all the neighborhood schools will be in full swing. All the frenzied supply purchasing, uniform ironing and terrifying sports-team tryouts can make a mother want to pull her hair out. But in the middle of it all there’s a real sense of anticipation and newness — a chance to go for it and get it right that I enjoy (for them, sure … but for me too). One of my own parents emailed me this Fort Worth Star Telegram article yesterday about the habits of good students. Of course I groaned and rolled my eyes at first glance, but I just read it and it’s not bad. Not anything new really. But it is well-thought-out and there are just some useful reminders included — not just for students, but for us grown ups too. (Though I don’t believe the 10 hours of sleep suggested will happen anytime during my next 30 years or so). I think I will print it and hang it on the fridge … so my little ones can groan and roll their eyes at me.