If you want to read something truly sad all the way around, check out this DMN story on the two guys who — for seeming lack of anything better to do — killed two young men at a Garland Christian recording studio last week. ("I was in a bind," the shooter told the News. "I needed money. I needed a car.") News reporter Jason Trahan did a good job of letting the story tell itself here with his jailhouse interviews (click here for the video version). Also sobering is that it appears the two killers took the DART Blue-line train from downtown through Mockingbird Station, past the White Rock Station, past the LBJ/Skillman stop and then up to Garland, riding right through our neighborhoods on their way to what they describe as an inevitable death: "Somebody was going to get hit any way it went," the guy with the self-confessed shooter said. And the take from the robbery: $2. What’s scary is that the guys in jail weren’t necessarily going to Garland to rob someone; they were just looking for an opportunity anywhere along the way, and the young men shot in Garland just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pretty sad on a lot of levels.