Two people are still in critical condition after they and two others (one a four-year-old) were hit by an out-of-control vehicle in Lake Highlands last Thursday. Witnesses told police they figured the 23-year-old male driver was going about 70 in a 30-mile-an-hour zone. Granted, a civilian’s assessment of the driver’s speed would never legally stand up — but point is, the guy was going too fast, witnesses agreed he was swerving around stopped and slower cars when he lost control. He had a three-year-old in the car.

Because drugs and alcohol were apparently not a factor, the police won’t press charges, they say, provided all of the victims live. But I’m not sure I understand this — people are hurt. One of the victims lost a leg and is likely to lose the other. The injuries are a direct result of some idiot’s recklessness. Lots of people saw it happen — saw how it happened. So the idiot should face consequences. Right? I don’t get it.

LH resident and DMN columnist James Ragland wrote about the incident and others in his column Saturday.