Not only did Miller do the weather so well, but the former Channel 5 forecaster reports she may have a new sideline: doggie baker.

"Please thank your bloggers and readers for me," she wrote in an email this week. "That means so much to me that they’re asking. I will keep you posted on any permanent jobs I might get — or if I open a dog bakery!"

Our Miller posts have been the most read in the history of the blog, as well as among the most commented. Which is why I asked her for an update on what she has been doing since she was so unceremoniously dumped by Channel 5 in March. Jennifer Lopez, her replacement, has started at the station but isn’t on the air yet, reports Ed Bark.

Miller reports that she has to wait until September before talking to other TV stations about a new job, but she has finished graduate school and also did a little teaching herself. In addition, she tended to her sick dog, Friskey, who has an enlarged heart. "Since then," she wrote, "I’ve em’barked’ on a new venture: making dog cookies. I’ve always wanted to open a people bakery or a dog bakery, so I’m doing that now for fun."

And yes, that’s Friskey and one of the bones Miller baked for him.