MSNBC has a post up titled "Why Dr Pepper lost its fizz." It details and criticizes some of the company’s business decisions — it’s been spun off from Cadbury and is now known as the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. But I always wonder if Dr Pepper didn’t start losing its way when it sold the architectural gem that was its headquarters at Mockingbird and Greenville — and then let it be torn down! That was bad karma right there.

I hate to sound like the nostalgic curmudgeon that I am, but Dr Pepper was such a part of my childhood diet, and in my family, we were encouraged to buy products and services from Dallas companies. That meant drinking Dr Pepper (never Coke!, and Pepsi was a Yankee drink), eating Lay’s potato chips and Neuhoff meats, drinking Oak Farms milk, flying Braniff and shopping at Tom Thumb and 7-Eleven — and never seeing a cent of our money leave the city limits.