Ecovenience. Have you heard? It’s the latest neighborhood buzzword thanks to the new, Earth-friendly convenience store, The Green Spot Market and Fuels. At the corner of Buckner and Northcliff, Alvaro Garza and Bruce Bagelman are offering eco-conscious consumers alternatives to gasoline and junky snacks, instead providing them with renewable Biodiesel and wholesome foods for refueling both their hybrids and bodies. Garza says it was Bagelman’s idea to open a Biodiesel gas station for drivers with diesel engines (don’t worry — good old gas guzzlers can fill up there too), and wanted to partner with him because of his health-food background as a Smoothie Factory franchise owner. “Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint by offering an alternative lifestyle,” Garza says. “From the start, we wanted to be in East Dallas because we saw that its residents would have to travel west of the lake for healthier alternatives.” At the Spot, “green” shoppers can purchase snacks either produced by renewable energy, from organic ingredients, or that donate proceeds to environmental groups. Spot shoppers are often shocked that no tobacco products are sold. “Smokers actually say, ‘Well, I shouldn’t be smoking anyway.’” Garza says. When customers ask for more Spots in Dallas, it’s the “biggest compliment,” Garza says. “But we just want longevity — we have to iron out the kinks before branching out.”