An article in today’s Metro section of the Dallas Morning News entitled "Their French connection" refers to a program, implemented this year at Carrollton’s Newman Smith High School, which welcomed French students to visit Dallas. Twenty-six high school freshmen from College Balzac in Alencon, France, traveled to Texas for a week-long visit, staying with kids they have video conferenced with at the school. In addition to sampling Tex-Mex meals, they visited Dealey Plaza, Old City Park, and the Fort Worth Stockyards.

This would be a great program for us to host in Lake Highlands. We have students studying Spanish and French, of course, but also Latin, Japanese, and German. We could have a regular United Nations of bright-eyed students visiting America for the first time. I have written here about my experience hosting British soccer referees, and I cannot express what a wonderful eye-opening two weeks that was — for them and for us. Let’s do this!