It’s enough trouble finding good (affordable) health insurance — and I received a press release today from a Pet Insurance company. Now I love my doggie as much as the next girl — she’s family. But I’m about as likely to purchase health insurance for the dog as I am to enroll her in a private elementary school. However, my insurance pains — pet or otherwise — are not the topic of this post. The subject of aforementioned press release isPoll Reveals Many Consider Pets Appropriate in Weddings. Not only that, the pollsters — VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) claim pets in wedding are the “latest trend”.

Lord knows we have a lot of dog lovers around here. (My grandparents who aren’t from the neighborhood came to visit last weekend, passed the WR dog park and asked “what the devil was going on at that place” because it was shockingly crowded.) But who among us is willing to make our pooch ring bearer or best man? (When my dog gets nervous, she wets herself.) The more I think about it, though, it’s not that far fetched. No, really … are all those people really gathered at the hot/smelly/muddy dog park just so Fido can play with his canine compadres? Or are they there to mingle with other dog people? And if the answer is more the latter, do dog owners ever make a true love connection? If they do, and decide to tie the knot, it would make sense to involve the dogs in the wedding since the animals were essentially the matchmakers. (Think “Meet the Parents”.) Did I just write that  “it would make sense to involve the dogs in the wedding”? Geez, this job must be getting to me. Nonetheless, if you’re thinking about including your dog in your wedding party, check out this site where you can shop doggie-sized tuxedos and bridesmaid gowns. These people are serious.    

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Read below for the entire press release

Veterinary Pet Insurance Poll Reveals Many Consider Pets Appropriate at

Forty-Two Percent Say Pet Had or Will Have a Role in Their Wedding

BREA, Calif., May 12 /PRNewswire/ — Something old, something new, something
borrowed, something chewed? According to a recent poll by Veterinary Pet
Insurance (VPI), the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health
insurance, the latest trend in wedding ceremonies is pets. VPI polled more
than 3,000 of its policyholders to find that 42 percent involved a pet or
plan to involve a pet in their wedding ceremony. Eleven percent did not
include a pet in their wedding ceremony but had been to a wedding in which
pets played a part, and the remaining 47 percent indicated that only humans
participated in their wedding ceremony.

"Traditionally, pets were added to a family after marriage," said Curtis
Steinhoff, senior director of corporate communications for VPI. "Today, it
is not unusual for brides and grooms to bond with four-legged companions
before finding their mate. Because these pet companions were an important
part of their single lives, some soon-to-be-couples choose to have their
pets play an important role in their wedding."

Tonya Guy-Williams, a VPI Pet Insurance policyholder from Clements, Md.,
chose to include her husky mix, Klondike, in her wedding. Klondike served as
the ring-bearer and best man. Under the guidance of Tonya’s mother Linda,
Klondike performed his duties without a hitch.

"He did fine with all of the people, and he never barked until the very end
when we think the sun started to get to him," said Tonya. "He is our baby.
No one who knows us was surprised that we would want him in our wedding.
They were more surprised that we found a tuxedo that fit."

Wedding planners advise that not all pets are cut out for a wedding and not
all ceremonies lend themselves to the inclusion of a pet. Experts encourage
couples with pets to consider the reaction of guests, as well as their pet’s
temperament and level of obedience when planning a pet-inclusive ceremony.
Before participating in a wedding, even well-trained pets should be
acclimated to large crowds and any unfamiliar surroundings. Wedding planners
also recommend couples designate a member of the wedding party for "pet
duty." After all, Fido won’t bring a gift to the wedding, but he may leave a

"When it comes to weddings, everyone’s definition of family is unique," said
Steinhoff. "Though weddings have not conventionally been a place for pets,
more of today’s couples are going to great lengths to accommodate their
furry family members."

About Veterinary Pet Insurance

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co./DVM Insurance Agency is the nation’s oldest and
largest pet health insurance company.  Providing pet owners with peace of
mind since 1982, the company is committed to being the trusted choice of
America’s pet lovers and an advocate of pet health education.  VPI Pet
Insurance plans cover dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for multiple medical
problems and conditions relating to accidents, illnesses and injuries.
Optional Pet WellCare Protection(SM) for routine care is also available.

Medical plans are available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
More than 1,600 companies nationwide offer VPI Pet Insurance as an employee
benefit. Policies are underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in
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