Wondering what happened to the Steakley Chevrolet on Northwest Highway at Abrams? Well, the dealership, which is owned by AutoNation Inc., recently was closed and consolidated with other AutoNation dealerships in Dallas, according to Steve Brown with the DMN. But the property remains leased to AutoNation — for now. Apparently, lots of real estate brokers have been calling the owners to inquire about the property, and with the big Timbercreek development across the street, along with what’s going on up the street at the Lake Highlands Town Center and just south of the original Target, the property is unlikely to remain vacant for long.

Meanwhile, across Abrams from the car lot, Karen Skinner’s new building for her McDonald’s continues to take shape and is slated for a late-May opening. Someone called from Skinner’s office the other day indicating that the remodeled McDonald’s will feature a Starbucks-killer coffee cafe inside, along with a completely updated look. Skinner owns a number of other McDonald’s around Dallas, including one that looks like a gingerbread cake at Ross & Greenville, the retro building downtown near the bus station, and the combo burger shop/gas station at Fitzhugh and Central.