Do you recognize this building? If you’re partially oblivious to things that don’t directly affect you, as I am, you might not know it’s in a nearby shopping center — Casa Linda to be exact — and it’s undergone, in the last few months, an incredible makeover. For many years this was a windowless, non descript box of a building next door to the Casa Linda “Curves” offices at 9543 Losa. A while back, Jeff Snoyer, who also bought and revived Highland Park Cafeteria, took out a 20-year lease on the (old Chamber of Commerce) building because, as he put it, he couldn’t take looking at it the way it was. He immediately began renovations — one of the first steps was putting in windows — and (quietly) announced hopes to turn it into a “community hub” where local residents can lease an office for as little as $175 per month. 
Here’s (sort of) what it used to look like (that blue tape is to mark the windows).
Now for the finishing touch: Snoyer wants to make this building not only highly functional but also recognizable. So he’s putting the famed red Pegasus on top. No, he hasn’t robbed the old red courthouse of the original Casa Linda Pegasus. But he has collected, over the years, three similar circa 1950s Pegasus’. Two are full size and one is a “baby”. According to a press release this morning, a local design firm has brought the Pegasus family together in a unique design to top off the renovated building. Here’s a PDF of the full media release: Download press_release_pegasus.pdf