received this rather alarming report via e-mail this morning from the L Streets Crime Watch spokesperson Nancy Willis warning of crime at the Kroger next to the old Northwest Terrace complex, which is being torn down for redevelopment:
One of our neighbors was parked between Kroger and Blockbuster (Northwest Highway). As he was returning his shopping cart to the store, he was approached by a tall, strong young man who came up behind him and said "I’ll take that for you." He said "thank you" and turned around. The man grabbed his wallet from his pocket and said "I’ll take that too." They struggled and then he chased the robber around the east end where the Blockbuster store is located. There he was joined in his chase by a Constable. They followed close behind until the robber escaped through missing boards in the wood fence and through chain link that had been pulled away from the posts. They discovered that there was access into an apartment. When he called the city, he was told that the apartments were no longer under code enforcement because they were under demolition instead. There is some follow-up pending now to determine if there is some way to address the problem of possible apartment occupation.

Also, Ron Carpenter who leads the Lake Highlands Volunteer in Patrol training had this message for neighbors: I want to let everyone know that the Central Patrol Division is having a 1 day VIP school on Saturday, April 19, from 8 am till 2 pm at City Hall, 1500 Marilla. This is in addition to the class I am having on May 24. If you are interested in attending this class contact Sergeant Dennis Craig at 214-670-4413 or email him at