Depending on which city councilman or city employee you talk with, apparently 15,000-30,000 of us have been double-billed for water usage on the latest invoice from the city, according to the DMN. The city’s water department launched a new computerized billing system, along with an online payment option, but apparently there were a few glitches in the system, causing an as-yet undetermined number of customers to be double-billed, including former city councilman Donna Blumer.

The council discussed the issue at yesterday’s council meeting, with Mayor Leppert recommending that the city "send a letter" of explanation to those impacted by the billing issue. But don’t look for the letter until you receive your next water invoice; city officials (probably correctly) decided that taxpayers wouldn’t want to foot the bill for thousands of new individually mailed letter when they could just be stuffed in next month’s bill package.