Sunday update: We’ve added the link to the marketing piece here.

In what has to rank as a stunning but welcome development, Trammel Crow Company is circulating a real estate marketing brochure that features a 100,000-square-foot JCPenney store — along with what could be up to a 300,000-square-foot Wal-Mart — as the two anchors of Timbercreek Crossing, the retail development soon to be rising like a phoenix on the 44-acre Timbercreek apartments site at Skillman and Northwest Highway. Joining the mix are Chick-fil-A, Bank of America, and a number of other retailers/restaurants that haven’t been announced and/or signed yet.

We’ve already made a couple of phone calls to track down more information, and we’ll update this as soon as we hear something.

And yes, you read that right: JCPenney. New store. Here in our neighborhood. And it raises the bigger question: What does this mean for the Lake Highlands Town Center?