THE VICTIM: Jenny Weber
THE CRIME: Burglary of a motor vehicle
DATE: Friday, March 7
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
LOCATION: 3240 W. Lawther

White Rock Lake is the place to go for a scenic jog.

That’s what several neighborhood resident told out-of-towner Jenny Weber, who was in Lake Highlands last month for her sister’s wedding. She wanted to “get a little exercise before squeezing into that bridesmaid dress,” she says.

“When I asked where I could find a trail, everyone told me I should go to White Rock; and they were right — it was really nice.”

But the fun didn’t last.
When she returned to her 2006 Acura after her run, Weber was devastated to find the windshield smashed and her purse and cell phone gone.

“At first I had to look two or three times to make sure this was actually my car,” she recalls. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

Dallas police recently created an eight-officer bicycle patrol in an effort to step up police presence at the lake, mainly because of the very crime to which Weber became a victim.

“There are more and more people using the lake, so often criminals see that as an opportunity,” says Lt. Mike Woodbury of the Northeast Police Division.

Police say burglary of a motor vehicle (BMV) is one of the biggest problems in the White Rock Lake area. Police repeat it time and time again, but Woodbury reiterates: Don’t leave any visible valuables in your car, and lock your doors. That will cut down your chances of becoming a target.

Weber, who was parked near the boathouse on the west side of the lake when the crime occurred, says her family felt terrible about the burglary, but were glad she didn’t encounter any face-to-face danger with the thief.

Still, Weber is angry about the break-in.

“I just wish [the burglar] would have to feel what I felt — that kind of distress,” she says.

“I worked hard for what I have, and to just have someone smash up my car and take my things, well, I really hope they can catch some of the people who are doing this.”