Yes, gasoline prices are at record highs, even in Dallas: We’re at $3.17 a gallon, the priciest big city in the state. And that means every newspaper, television and radio station, and blog in the city is asking readers, viewers and listeners to send in reports about which station has the cheapest gas.

Nuts to that, which anyone can do. Here at Back Talk, where we pride ourselves on being different, we want you to find the most expensive gas in any of our four neighborhoods — East Dallas/Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Preston Hollow, and Far North Dallas. The person who sends in a picture of either the pump with the price or a sign with the price gets $50 in restaurant gift certificates. The runner-up gets $20 in certificates. If there is a tie, we’ll do a drawing.

A couple of other rules: This is for regular unleaded only, so no super premium. And any gas station in any of the four neighborhoods is eligible, but not any stations in Plano, Oak Cliff or other points where we don’t have a magazine.

The contest ends March 26. Email your entries here, and make sure to include the name of the station and location. I’ll post updates a couple of times before then.

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