Attention all music lovers:  The month of March is designated as “Music In Our Schools” and aims to draw attention to the significance of musical education in our schools and society.  The goal is to stress the importance of quality music education in our schools, and to enlist the support of teachers, students, parents, other organizations and individuals to become advocates of music education.

Over at Lake Highlands Elementary, the two wonderful music teachers — Jenni Purser and Judy Avery — have themed the month ‘Music Touches Lives’ and have a lot planned for the kids like … 

… every Monday during the month there will be a music trivia question read over the loud speaker during morning announcements (It’s always fun to watch the kids do their best to NOT run down the hall from their classroom to the office to be the first correct answer).  And the world reknown LHE Choir will be singing for the Mayor of Richardson — that’s the big time!

Here are suggestions the teachers offer for musical things that can be done at home or on the go:

•When you’re listening to the radio – at home or in the car – tap the rhythm of the words of the song and keep a steady beat

•Have a solfege hand sign race with your friends (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do)

•Sing in the shower!

•Investigate taking voice or instrument lessons

•Be a composer — write your own song

•Make your own instrument

•Test your musical knowledge here

•Attend a Dallas Symphony Orchestra or a Richardson Symphony Orchestra concert here or here

•Learn about a famous composer then listen to their music here

Most of all, say these fine teachers, use your imagination and have fun … with music!