On Monday, the RISD Board of Trustees will vote on the 2008/2009 RISD Calendar.  There are two choices:  The current calendar, known as Option 1, and a revised calendar, known as Option 2.  I only barely know about this because a teacher or two has brought it to my attention in the hopes of spreading the word that there’s a possibility the school calendar may change.  My understanding is that not too many folks are aware of this, and teachers would like to get the word out to encourage input.

By no means do I understand all the ramifications of either Option.  I do know that with the current RISD calendar, Option 1, Junior High and High School exams take place after the winter break and I’ve been told that this creates a stressful situation for a lot of kids, trying to remember, concentrate and prepare for exams during a very busy time of year, particularly if vacationing.  I also understand that since exams are after winter break, students don’t get their grades until the end of January and are then at a disadvantage in regards to Texas universities with a January 15 deadline for early admittance, grants and scholarships on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

As to Option 2, my take from the surface I’ve scratched is that this calendar may be a better calendar for teachers.

Here’s the RISD website – 2008-2009 RISD Academic Calendar  While I haven’t wrapped my mind around the two calendars nor formed an opinion, I do agree with the teachers that brought this to my attention:  This information should be available and input should be sought, particularly if it’s going to be voted on in four days.