It’s not often an audience sings along with a song they’ve never heard before.

It’s not often a choir of physically and mentally handicapped teens take the stage.

That’s what happened Saturday night, Feb. 9, at Fellowship Bible Church. It was a benefit concert for Bethesda Young Life, a Lake Highlands group that ministers to teens with special needs. The cause was special and so was the music.

There were four singer/songwriters there on what is billed as the Capernaum Tour. All four were on the stage together throughout the evening, with no set song list, taking turns pulling an original tune out of the hat. The energy was high and so were the spirits in the hall.

The performers were:

Sara Groves from Minnesota. She was the headliner, a perennial favorite of critics. She moved the house with her penetrating, beautifully written lyrics and pierce your heart vocals.

Charlie Peacock. This was a rare public appearance by him. Normally, he stays in his Nashville studio where he’s one of the busiest producers in Music City. His passion for music and the keyboard were barely containable.

Christopher Williams of Nashville. An indie artist who sang with gusto, played his African drum with abandon and instantly connected with the audience. He was infectious.

Patrick Ryan Clark of Lake Highlands. Yes, he’s a local. Sharing the same stage with proven performers. Yet this guy who normally leads Young Life at Lake Highlands High School more than held his own.

Keep an eye on Fellowship Bible Church for music events. They seem to be "connected" and continue to bring in excellent talent, both for concerts and for worship.