Not unusual for runners to experience increased heart rate, heavy breathing and sweaty palms but for some the symptoms apparently stem from somewhere beyond the racecourse. I’ve encountered at least three couples — since I joined a training group through the Mockingbird Lane sporting goods store Run On! — who met while in training. Then I read a story today about several couples struck by cupid while training for a marathon with the Leukemia Society’s North Texas Team In Training (one guy proposed to his “running buddy” on a park bench at White Rock Lake).

I enrolled in the six-week Speed Class in January at Run On! (Mockingbird Lane) and I was too busy torturing myself at the track to notice any potential companions (hypothetically writing of course – I’m happily married). I did however make a few friends with whom I hope to stay in touch. A new round of classes begins February 18 for all levels of athletes, and on Wednesdays anyone/everyone is invited to meet at 6 p.m. at the store for free social runs. Whether you want to run a faster mile, build strength or broaden your social network – this is a worthwhile program. It all makes sense when you think about it. Running is a LOT LIKE romance — grueling and painful at times, but with heart-lifting rewards.