I guess this is a classic "chicken and egg" discussion: Which comes first, the Trinity River Project or the Trinity River logo? I suppose it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to figure that one out, does it? Naturally, the logo comes before any development or even completion of the plan.

So now that the logos are out in the public for consideration, thanks to this DMN story, I guess we have the opportunity for fair comment (and I mean on the logos, not on the development). I can’t really say that I have a favorite among the three; none of them really say "Trinity" to me, despite a couple of probably over-thought-out attempts. But I can’t really get too snarky here, because one portion of our business is designing logos/ads/etc. for businesses, and we don’t always hit the mark, either. But I guess if forced, at gunpoint, to select one, I’d go with the top one on the left simply because it’s the most simple design; the others are kind of overwrought with a little too much deep thought.