Lake Highlands always does the city proud with lights during the holidays and this year was no exception.  As we (me, Terry and Elsa) are light-challenged (I’ve been known to take scissors and cut the danged thangs off the tree I wrapped), we very much appreciate a good show from our neighbors.  We’re never disappointed and we thank you all.

I’d like to only point out one simple thing and I’m hopeful y’all will remember it next year:  December 25th is the FIRST day of Christmas, January 5th is the TWELFTH day of Christmas.  Don’t let marketing change the reality – there are twelve days of Christmas and they actually begin on 12/25.  Somehow, the material world took over and the music stops, the lights darken, and the trees are strewn for bulk pick up – usually on the SECOND day of Christmas.

Thoroughly enjoyed Lake Highlands this Christmas 2007 and very much looking forward to all twelve glorious days of Christmas 2008!