While shopping at Central Market last night, I hit the cracker aisle to find something to go with a brie and fig orange spread. Sure enough, an entire row was dedicated to the creations of Doctor Kracker, which we featured in January’s Lake Highlands Advocate.

I’m a fan of the pumpkin seed cheese kracker, myself, but they also have a graham kracker I want to try.

And speaking of the fig orange spread, you have to try this stuff. It’s made with figs grown in Dalmatia, Croatia, and helps support the cooperative farming network there. I think it costs around $5 or $6, and I’ve purchased it at both Central Market and Tom Thumb (find it near the cheese/deli section). I like to spread it over brie and eat it with crackers; it’s a simple and popular appetizer for parties. But I like the website’s suggestions, too — especially with pears and blue cheese, or as an ice cream topping. Yum!