I have a question for the mayor: If the city can’t re-pave a mile or so of Skillman on time, how can it speed up construction of the Trinity toll road? Or, as he phrased it, "within the space of a couple of years."

This is the mayor’s second blanket guarantee in the last 10 days. His earlier promise: To put all the resources of the city at the disposal of the DISD, as part of his campaign pledge to help reform the Dallas public school system. Hopefully, the school district doesn’t need any roads paved.

I realize that I’m not as smart as the people on the winning side of the Trinity vote. Perhaps the intrepid journalists at plastic surgery’s favorite local magazine can point out the error of my ways. Because, as they always point out, they are smarter than the rest of us.

I have tried to be a good loser about the Trinity vote, but the mayor’s posturing is getting to be a bit much. Let’s see if the city can hire enough cops, pick up the garbage, and pave our streets before he starts making promising promises that can’t be kept.