Since I live in White Rock Valley, I’m not sure why I’m the one tossing this out in the blog. But hey, people on the "other side of the lake" sometime get wrapped up in things, so here goes.

This weekend is one of the best home tours of the year — in Lakewood.  And, they have the most fabulous candlelight tour of the homes on Friday night.  No screaming kids and Plano-mobs ‘ooooing and aweing’ over someone’s 83 year old crown molding or just-replaced Toto jet-engine-flush toilet

Just us — you know, you and I and our wives and friends who really live here — taking our time in the homes, then letting loose with an open bar, great food and a live band at Lakewood Country Club after that!

All for just 75 bucks a piece, and lots of silent auction opportunities for charity.

Oh, and this mag is a sponsor, too… maybe this will be the first volunteer blogger cross-post in the history of BackTalk. I think that Siegel now owes me a jeroboam!