Since the good Advocate folks have a bit of faith that I’ll produce two or three blogs a week, I try very hard to not disappoint. But it’s hard! Whine whine.

There’s a whole lot that goes on down at Lake Highlands Elementary and I write about it. But I’m sure (hard as it is to believe) that gets old to all the rest of the world. So here’s a bit of fun, STILL connected to LHE but perhaps more ‘entertaining’.

Our Lake Highlands neighborhood has a celebrity in our midst. Just so happens she’s the Principal at LHE but nonetheless, she’s done something most of us never have: Attended the Emmy Awards.

Yep, LHE Principal Kim Sullivan was out in LA last weekend at the Shrine Auditorium. Nose bleed seats yeah, but there! It seems she and a group of friends do something special each year to celebrate someone’s big 5-0. Last year they trekked to NYC (not sure what they did, was afraid to ask). This year they started planning early. Months ago they got their names submitted in a lottery request for Emmy tickets. They got ‘em and then had to shell out the $250 each for ‘em! Got their flights, red eyes I believe. Hit town with their sequined dressed in tow, did the whole hair and make-up thing and then headed to the Red Carpet.

I was sucked into watching the entire show — didn’t see her. But I’ll bet she and her friends were ‘panned’ by a camera at some point during the day’s non-stop coverage preceeding the actual show.

This is a woman who’s a bit younger then me and manages to completely overwhelm me with her authority, focus, enthusiasm and seemingly 24/7 time on her job as an elementary principal. Would NEVER occur to me to think of her life outside that!

To be cliche, can’t judge a book by its cover. And I can only in my wildest imagination envision the head honcho of my daughter’s school debating with her friends, on site in Hollywood, over whose dress was better: Katherine Heigl, America Ferrera or Vanessa Williams (not).