Did any of you see this crime report on TV a couple of days ago?  On Sunday, about 8:30 AM, a lady at the Washington Mutual ATM on Audelia, just south of Walnut Hill Lane, had someone attempt to grab the money from her.  It happened as she was pulling her arm, cash in hand, back in her car window.  She dropped the cash in her lap, nailed the gas and got away safely.

Even though she said that she looked around when she drove up, she became an attempted robbery victim nontheless.  Be careful when you are at an ATM — even when in your car.  For example, I always look behind and around before I stick my arm out to retrieve my cash. 
Stay alert, and if your local neighborhood association has a crime watch email list, then join it.  If you live in White Rock Valley, then here is the place where you can contact the person to join their list.  Bruce Bowles runs a great service with that list, and you will be alerted about such things in future.