There’s a lively Topic of the Day discussion going on at the DMN blog, where some of the editorialists, who don’t even live in Dallas, are weighing in on the project.  They are saying "build it" because Tim Nesbitt, the Texas Department of Transportation project manager, says the toll road …is essential to a plan to keep cars moving past downtown Dallas and beyond."  Well, Tim’s job is build roads, not urban lifetsyles and parks and lakes. And Tim’s job was to provide the DMN with fodder for their "vote no" editorial today.

Non-resident DMN editorialists, calling petition signers "critics" is just what I need to see for a fair and balanced view of the whole issue.  It’s exactly what Rick predicted and posited in his post below.  It would nice to see every DMN person who ever prints another word on this subject to be limited to Dallas voters.  And if not, identify right up front that they live in Richardson, or Rockwall, or Flower Mound, or East Hicksville.  I care not one whit what they have to say if they don’t live and vote in Dallas.  Nor do I care for their labelling those who signed the petition "critics," as if they are the good guys in this whole excercise.