Everyone thinks they have the cutest pooch around, but this dog may truly take the honor.

Lake Highlands resident Molly Sager has taught her schnauzer mix, Van Morrison, to smile. Yes, smile.

Named after the “Brown-Eyed Girl” crooner, Van Morrison was found along with the rest of his litter in a dumpster. After nursing and bottle-feeding them back to health, Sager adopted out all of the pups — except Van Morrison. They had already formed a bond, one that has since proved to be unbreakable, as she refers to him as “the little man in my life.”

But he hasn’t always worn a smile. It began when Sager taught him to fetch. Van Morrison would growl at her to throw the ball, and she egged him on to bark for it by smiling at him.

“He eventually learned to copy me,” Sager explains. “Now every time I tell him to sit and smile, he does it. He even does it when he sneezes.”